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Dec 03, 2017 | Dan Johnson

Shout For JOY

Psalms 126

JOY is a decision of faith and hope in the power of Jesus’s own life and love! []. Psalm 126 is one of the "Psalms of Ascent" used as pilgrims traveled up to Jerusalem to the temple. Unlike most Psalms in the context of King David's reign, this setting is likely a time just after the exile in Babylon, when return of the exiles has brought both joy and struggle. The Psalm is divided in three parts: v.1-3 The joy of coming home; v.4 Asking God for more; v.5-6 God's answer then and now. This joy has a foundation! It's not based on circumstances, but on the promise of our future destiny in Christ!

Series Information

The biblical themes of peace, joy, hope and love are emphasized in the advent season. Israel's song book, the Psalms, shows us the way to prepare and anticipate the celebration of Christ's birth.